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Bartering is definitely smarter and don’t let anyone tell you differently. It’s the world’s oldest and best form of exchange.

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Founder, The Give ‘N Take Network

Hi, I’m Coach Simone Kelly

If you’re like me, you ended up here, because you love to hold onto your cash and use it for basic needs like the light bill, water bill and yeah..maybe mortgage or rent. That’s pretty much all I used cash for since I get almost everything else on BARTER. In a typical month, I get my hair done, eyebrows waxed, printing services,  massages, business coaching, personal assistants for my companies, social media marketing, and more all on barter! I literally save THOUSANDS A YEAR and I’d like to help you do the same…




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How It Works

  • Join and set up an appointment with your broker who is your assigned Account Manager to help you.
  • You offer a service on barter.
  • We promote you to the network via listing your item in the barter store, our blog, social media, and email blasts.
  • You get business and earn barter money aka barter credits.
  • When you have barter money you can view it online just like your online banking or
  • You will pay 8% in cash fees per barter. i.e.: You make $100 in barter, you will get billed on for $8. Fees are due same time of transaction.
  • When you spend $100 you pay 8% in barter credits, so $8 will automatically  withdraw from your Give ‘N Take account.
  • That barter money can used with ANYONE IN THE NETWORK. You don’t have to use it with the person that purchased from you. You don’t have to use it all either. ie: You have $2000. You can use $75 for a massage, $100 for Accounting Consulting, and the rest towards a vacation.

Members Rave About Give ‘N Take!

I just came back from Barbados after working out a deal with another member… We bartered a trip to Barbados and staying at their villa. I offered my service of promotion/PR….Well— it worked! Had a fab time.
Fiona Bloom,
Just wanted to let you know that GNT Do Barter is going great! I just  landed THREE new clients last week and a few more inquires…GO GIVE-N-TAKE NETWORK! Maybe I can get a new car here! Thanks Simone!
Trenell McCauley, Virtual Assistant and Staffing Agency
This year I actively became part of a nationwide bartering network. I have bought/sold services via this network and I definitely recommend it, especially if you are a small or growing business owner. Not only have I gained business, but networked with people across the country who can help fill needs in my business and this season, I’m doing some holiday gifting and pampering for myself (finally). Become a member today!
E. Claudette Freeman, Literary Coach
I’ve been a member since 2008! As a  therapist I pamper folks every day, now I can get my own pampering on barter! I’ve connected with so many holistic practitioners and improved my professional network because of this friendly circle of professionals that truly know how to do business! Thank you Give ‘N Take.
Kamili Nilata, Health Enhancement Specialist, All Nu Body
I’ve been a GNT member for a couple of years now and have bought and sold services and met people from all across the US and in other countries… Within the network I’ve found everything that I need and this coming year will be traveling the world on barter.  It doesn’t get any better than that! If you’re not a member, my question to you is ‘What are you waiting for?’
Sheila Hawkins, Productivity Expert, Third Eye Group

Give ‘N Take vs. Other Exchanges


Why Should You Use Give ‘N Take?

We don’t just barter here at Give ‘N Take! We promote you and help you network. We build meaningful connections and you’ll see that our barter-exchange is like no other. We’re a community and our mantra is to “Keep it in the Family.” Join our family today and we’ll show you how to live the GOOD LIFE ON ZERO CASH!

  • Generate New Business and Customer Networks
  • Use your Barter Bucks on business or personal expenses
  • Access to goods and services worldwide and cash free.
  • We personally match you with the best businesses to meet YOUR needs

Join Give ‘N Take Today

With the economy the way it is, BARTER IS DEFINITELY THE SMART WAY TO GO TO BOOST YOUR BUSINESS AND SAVE YOUR CASH. As a member obtain goods and services worldwide and profit from increased new business!

Don’t worry if you’ve never bartered before. Our helpful staff will personally match you with services and goods you need, from printing, marketing, mechanic, handy man, life coaching, hair salons,   to exotic vacations and massages.

Give ‘n Take is part of the largest trading network in the USA with 240 independently owned trade exchanges and +50,000 members. The list of goods and services is unbelievable when you have 50k+ merchants to choose from WORLD WIDE. JOIN OUR FAMILY TODAY!