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 Barter IS DEFINITELY SMARTER and don’t let anyone tell you different. It’s the world’s OLDEST AND BEST CURRENCY! 

Barter saves cash, increases business, and reduces business overhead.

My love affair with barter began back in 1994, while I was an intern in the music industry. I used to trade CDs with my friends who worked for a publishing house and they would give me books in return. Once I learned the power of the world’s OLDEST CURRENCY,  I began to hone my negotiating skills at a young age. Fast forward to when I launched my first marketing business, I bartered marketing plans for massages with my favorite spa. After that, I was officially addicted to barter!
In 2002, I launched my own event for entrepreneurs based around barter called The Give ‘n Take Network which was hosted in NYC, NJ, DC, Miami, and Atlanta. We developed hundreds of relationships over the years and helped people save THOUSANDS A YEAR. We’ve evolved into a full-blown barter-exchange now where we have access to over 50,000 other merchants ACROSS THE GLOBE. Join the movement as we show you how to live the GOOD LIFE ON ZERO CASH!
Happy bartering,

Founder of The Give ‘ N Take Network

CEO of Own Your Power Communications


Frequently Asked Questions

Why join a Trade Exchange?
  • A Trade Exchange eliminates the limitations of one-on-one Barter where each business must want what the other business has to offer. When You belong to an exchange You are paid in trade dollars, which You can then spend with any other Member. This way when you are the seller you do not have to turn away any business because, You don’t want what the other person is offering. Using Trade Dollars also helps when you want to make a purchase and the other person doesn’t want what you have to offer.
  • A Trade Exchange will Save You the Time and Effort of having to find compatible Trading Partners.
  • A Trade Exchange helps You market Your products and services to other Members.
  • An Exchange acts as a third party record keeper, providing monthly statements to clients, which reflect all trade purchases, sales and a current trade dollar balance.
  • When You are a Member of a Trade Exchange You do not have accounts receivable to collect or bad debts to write off . You are paid at the time You provide Your product or service.

How Do I Get Started?
  • Join and set up an appointment with your broker who is your assigned Account Manager to help you.
  • You offer a service on barter.
  • We promote you to the network via listing your item in the barter store, our blog, social media, and email blasts.
  •  You get business and earn barter money aka barter credits.
  • When you have barter money you can view all of your transactions online just like your online banking or paypal.com.
  • You will pay 8% in cash fees per barter. i.e.: You make $100 in barter, you will get billed on Paypal.com for $8. Fees are due same time of transaction.
  • When you spend $100 you pay 8% in barter credits, so $8 will automatically  withdraw from your Give ‘N Take account.
  • That barter money can used with ANYONE IN THE NETWORK. You don’t have to use it with the person that purchased from you. You don’t have to use it all either. ie: You have $2000. You can use $75 for a massage, $100 for Accounting Consulting, and the rest towards a vacation.

What are the benefits of Joining?
  • Increase Your Sales & Your Customer Base
  • Improve Your Cash Flow
  • Trade for Products and Services You normally pay cash for
  • Get New Cash Business as a result of Referrals and Word of Mouth Advertising from Your Nature Coast Barter Customers
  • Advertise and Promote Your Business
  • Gain a Powerful Advantage over Your Competition in the Marketplace
  • Expand Your Marketing area
  • Increase Your Purchasing Power
  • Enhance Your Lifestyle
  • Create a Benefit and/or Incentive Program for Your Employees
  • There are NO accounts receivable for You to collect or bad debts to write off, since You are paid at the time You provide the Products or Services
  • Trade Your Slow Moving or Perishable Inventories, Under Performing Assets and any Excess Capacity for Goods and Services You Want and Need
What can we buy with trade credits?
The Give ‘N Take Network is part of the largest trading network in the USA. We have exotic vacations and business services.  You can spend your trade credits with almost 50K business owners. Many companies use their trade credits to pay for Social Media, Marketing, PR, Printing materials and National media campaigns. These are all marketing strategies that will bring you cash customers.
What is the cost?
Special offer- Free until January 15 and then $49 after is all that’s needed to open your account. When you join we will give you $50 Give ‘n Take credits to get started. You pay 8% in cash when you make a sale + 8% in barter when you spend your credits.  Fees are due the day you make a trade via paypal.com. Statements are emailed out to you the 1st day of each month.

Why would I want to accept Give 'n Take credits instead of cash?
If you own a service business that is booked solid with cash business you don’t need to accept trade. If you have extra time in your week why not accept barter credits? The customers you receive from Give ‘n Take is extra business. It’s just more money that you can spend. If you own a product business, Give ‘n Take gives you another market to sell your products. You might have inventory that isn’t selling in your market.
How does barter save us money?
During slow economic times many business have cash flow problems. Give ‘n Take will send you new customers. We put sales on your books. When you spend trade credits you are buying based on your cost of goods. We only get paid when we send you business.
Are there any tax advantages to trading?
All trade transactions are handled the same as cash. Give ‘n Take  is required by IRS to report all transactions. There are no tax advantages. The biggest benefit is to your bottom line.
Why do you ask for my Social Security number or Federal ID #?
IRS says if you trade $1.00 it is taxable income. At the end of the year Barter Bucks reports all income to IRS as required by law. You will receive a 1099 on all sales you make.

How long do we have to spend our credits?
Your trade credits are held in your online account until  you are ready to spend them. There is no time limit. Many companies take a few years to completely spend their trade credits.
Can I sell an item for part cash, part trade?
NO, part cash is not allowed unless you have written permission from Give ‘n Take. Trades people (roofing contractor) trades 100% for labor and the home owner buys the materials. Keep in mind barter members want to pay all trade. It is 10 times easier to make a barter sale then a cash sale. Barter members want to spend their Barter Credits.
Do I make the price higher since it's on barter?
No, you keep it the same as you would charge for cash. It’s all about integrity and members will know when you change the rate for cash vs. barter. Barter has same exchange rate for cash in our world!
How much Bartering can I do a year?
A good rule of thumb is 15% of your gross sales per year. You need to maintain a healthy balance between your trade and cash business. There are exceptions to this rule. Example-If you have a warehouse full of widgets, it’s better to sell them all accepting trade then sell them for 10 cents on the dollar (cash liquidation prices).
Who pays for shipping?
Sales tax, tipping and shipping is always paid by the buyer in cash.
What is the risk?
There is no cost to open your account. It’s best to start out slow and learn how to put your credits to good use. As your confidence increases, then increase your sales. If you have any concerns about spending your credits, find what you want to buy first, then sell something to earn the Barter Bucks. That way you have no risk.
Are Trade Exchanges legal?
Yes. Under the “Tax Equity and Financial Responsibility Act of 1982″, the federal government officially recognizes Trade Exchanges as third-party record keepers-meaning they record barter transactions and report client barter income to the IRS. This puts Trade Exchanges on equal footing with banks, credit unions, securities brokers and others as legitimate custodians in the eyes of the law.
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Don’t see your question answered here?
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Live the Good Life on Zero Cash!